Website Maintenance

Are you getting the most from your website?

We've worked with dozens of companies whose websites weren't working effectively for them. We know that 80% of marketers see their website as a central part of their marketing strategy, yet only 20% update their site more than once a year. By investing in the ongoing development of your site, you are ensuring that it's doing the best it can to meet your goals.

Why do I need this?

You may think that your site is working perfectly fine, but how often do you look at the statistics? We take care of all of your analytics and tracking to ensure that you aren’t losing customers at any stage in the buying process. We can also look at heatmaps to determine the highest value screen real estate for your website.

Key Features

Keep on top of the latest tech trends

With technology changing so quickly, it’s important to stay on top. Google takes into account a variety of technical factors when ranking your site, which are often hidden. Our website maintenance services take care of this for you and ensure you don’t miss out.

Fast, unlimited website hosting

Slow website hosting can have a big impact on your website’s load time. A high load time will drive visitors away from your site and increase your bounce rate. Our web hosting is fast and secure, giving your visitors the best experience possible.

Content Delivery Network

We will implement a Content Delivery Network to serve your static content from servers around the world. This make sure that your content is always close to your visitors. In addition, this will automatically compress your content, further improving your site’s speed.

Premium Support

If something goes wrong, you want to speak to a real human. Our web experts are available whenever you need them to answer your questions or solve your issues. So if things go wrong, we’re always here to help.

Our process

01 Strategy

The first stage of the website maintenance process is to determine strategy. This includes measuring the current conversion rate of your site and determining the which areas need to be focussed on.

02 Launchpad

The next stage is the Launchpad site. Based on the information gathered in the first stage, we will create a slightly improved version of your site and release that to your visitors. This will be key for gathering data for the next stage.

03 Continuous Improvement

This stage of the process is ongoing, which means it repeats on a monthly or bimonthly basis. We continuously look at your site’s statistics and heatmaps to determine the key changes that can be made each month.

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