Technical SEO

Because keywords aren't the only ranking factor.

Far too often, people believe that adding some keywords will take them to the top of Google. This can be a fatal mistake, since Google takes into account hundreds of factors when ranking your site. A lot of these factors are technical, like page speed, code quality and accessibility.

Isn't my current SEO good enough?

Most SEO service providers only take into account on-page (keywords, meta, etc.) and off-page (link building) SEO. These alone are not sufficient for being seen as the very best in Google’s eyes. As more websites are becoming stuffed with keywords and full of linkbacks, Google has used technical factors like accessibility to differentiate the very best sites for the rest.

Most SEO providers do not have the technical ability to provide technical SEO, as it can be rather in-depth. We are experts at providing this service and we know exactly what Google wants.

Key Features

Our process

01 Analysis

The first stage of our technical SEO process is gathering data on the current state of affairs. This includes performing a PageSpeed test and checking any current analytics services. Based on this, we can see where there is scope to improve your site.

02 Caching and Optimisation

The next stage in the process involves implementing caching and image optimisation techniques to make sure that content loads quickly. We often make use of a Content Delivery Network to make sure your content is replicated near to your visitors.

03 Code Quality Improvements

It’s a known fact that Google considers your page’s HTML structure when crawling your site to generate a content hierarchy. If your site isn’t formatted correctly then Google won’t be able to crawl your site to its best ability. This stage will also find any missing pages and broken links.

04 Accessibility

Did you know that it is U.K. law that you need to account for disabled users when building a website? Google also penalises sites that are not accessible to disabled visitors. Most site owners don’t know about this fact and therefore don’t bother optimising their site for those that are hard of sight or hard of hearing.

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