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Uniquely position your brand by creating a completely bespoke mobile app. It has been shown that engagement with mobile apps is higher than that with websites, and lets you reach your customers directly through in-app notifications. Many people assume that the development costs will be prohibitive, though this isn't the case. Our app development solutions are suitable for a range of sectors and company sizes, so get in touch today!

Why get a mobile app?

Not everybody thinks about building a mobile app for their business. However, it is clear that customers engage more with apps than they do with websites. A mobile app is personal and deeper than a transient webpage.

Mobile apps have decreased in cost steadily over the past few years, with cross-platform informational apps now rivalling the cost of websites. This lower cost and the increase of people using smartphones make mobile apps an ideal marketing tool. Whether it is for improving the relationship with your customer or attracting more leads, we can help you build what’s best for your business.

Key Features

Robust build

We build all of our mobile applications with the future in mind. This means that our apps are resilient and unlikely to break in the future.

Data Driven

Data is the key to building a modern business. For this reason, we let you integrate your mobile app with your existing data systems. Our developers are experienced with working with APIs.

GDPR Ready

Data security is important to your users, so it’s important to consider it from the very start. All of our solutions are built with security in mind to keep your users safe.

Goals Oriented

We build solutions that have your business goals in mind. We want to build something that benefits you and doesn’t end up not meeting your needs.

Our process

01 Requirements Gathering

The first stage of the mobile app development process is getting as many stakeholders together as possible and seeing what problems need to be solved, and where an app fits in. It may be that we determine that a different solution is necessary at this stage, so it’s important to spend as much time here as possible.

Stakeholders involved: Product Owner, End Users, Project Manager, Design Team, Development Team

02 User Journey Planning

Based on the feedback from all of the stakeholders, we will begin to develop user journeys throughout the app. This will give us an understanding of how the app will be used and interacted with. This will allow us to create a prototype which can be designed in the next stage. Since there is so little screen space on mobile devices, this stage is essential to make the app easy to use.

Stakeholders involved: End Users

03 Design

Once we have planned how the app will be used and by whom, our designers will create the designs for the app. These designs will take into account your brand guidelines, accessibility and user experience.

Stakeholders involved: Design Team, Product Owner

04 Build

The next stage of the app development process will be to build the app based upon the generated designs. This stage will require the most time in order to get everything functional.

Stakeholders involved: Development Team

05 Release

In order to ensure that your application is successful and encounters no bugs, we will put it through an extensive testing phase. Once this is done, we will release the app to the mobile app stores.

Stakeholders involved: Development Team, End Users

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